Qualifying leads is like a series of rooms with escape doors

The analogy of a funnel is almost universally used to visualize how leads go through a process of qualification that eventually results in a sale. But everyone knows that not every lead result in a sale. A funnel implies every lead is squeezed and smashed through the bottom of the funnel. Wrong analogy.

Think of the lead qualification process like a series of rooms connected by doors. Some doors lead to other rooms but some lead outside. If a lead continues to have an interest in your product and the qualification criteria determines that they are still qualified, then they get to go on to the next room. Eventually the last room is where they purchase.


Now if the lead loses interest in your product or it is determined that it is no longer a qualified lead, it’s time to go outside. See ya. You got nothing to bring to the party. At least not for now. Those leads that bail or get qualified out may turn out to be qualified leads at a later time. Keep track of them for later cultivation. Mystery of the unqualified leads that are magically squeezed into a Funnel is solved.

What is your lead qualification process? What are the most important characteristics that define a qualified lead? Given those characteristics, how many actual qualified leads does your marketing efforts generate?

David Daniels

David Daniels

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